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the game

Traffic is an adult board game that puts players in the shoes of an international drug trafficker

The rules are simple, roll dice to move, buy and sell "product" to earn money. The first player to reach one million dollars wins.

While the topic of this game is not for everyone, I can guarantee everyone who plays it will be entertained.

This may look like a game that simply glorifies drug dealing but there are actually deeper meanings woven into this game.

Most squares have a story behind them taken from real life. It will give you a taste of this lifestyle. The thrill of putting it all on the line for the deal. How quickly you can amass a fortune but also how fast it can come crashing down. I used this game as a medium to speak out to others on topics that may be too controversial to openly talk about. Woven within the game are hidden messages for you to discover.

Chris Hinton game design, art Justin Rhoadscamara operator, video editing The Industrygame content